UPDATED: 6-Weeks to Summer!

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Three weeks ago I released my first online program. After coaching the initial group of clients halfway through their program, I am going to open the session to new clients one more time.

Everyone wants to look their best during the summer months. If you aren’t preparing your body for summer now, you’d better get moving. 

6-Weeks to Summer is the best training program for busy individuals that don’t want their schedule to dictate how they look on Memorial Day.


The Goal

I want to train you hard for 6 weeks and get your body prepped for summer. Using your own gym membership and my program, you and I will make sure you’re turning heads at your Memorial Day party.

What you get from me:

  • EXACT direction on your training. You’ll get a PDF template with my program, designed completely for you. I understand that every gym is slightly different, and I am committed to providing a program that utilizes the available equipment. 
  • You and I will be communicating 1-on-1 via email. This is not a “click, download, follow-along, and hope-for-the-best,” type of program. You and I will be working together, answering questions, and making adjustments throughout the process.


What I need from you:

  • 4-5 hours a week to dedicate to the gym. This isn’t hard. It’s as simple as not launching the Netflix App on your SmartTV.  
  • A financial commitment. I’m here to help you prepare for summer. I have learned that some people would rather dream about making a change than actually take a step forward. $200 shows me you’re committed.


What to do next?

If you are ready to make a 6-Week sprint to Memorial Day, email me here directly.

I will send you a few questions to get to know you better, and then we will set goals and design your training schedule.



  • You will have access to private video demonstrations for each of your workouts. These demonstrations will coach you to perform each exercise correctly. Between the videos and the PDF template, your instruction will be covered on all fronts. 
  • Nutrition guidelines. I’m a Performance Coach, not a dietitian. That being said, what you eat between now and Memorial Day will have a massive effect on how you look. I have outsourced your eating methods to provide you a better product. Trust me, you’re better off following someone else’s methods on this one.


Additional Benefits to Consider

Unlike your training, you will not have a strict This-Is-What-You-Are-Eating-Every-Meal template. Rather, you will have four simple rules. These four will produce compounding results when combined with my training program.

By the way, these nutrition rules are realistic for busy individuals. If you go out to eat for business or pleasure, you will have options other than the House Salad with dressing on the side. Realistic and simple, yet effective.

Since you are using your own gym membership, you’ll be able to create your own routine. Before work, after work, lunch hour, weekends, whichever your schedule allows. 4-5 hours a week. That’s it. I’m not asking you to put your dog up for adoption.

$200 breaks down to $33/week. You will never find a personal trainer for that price, let alone one that provides this level of training. This is my way of holding you accountable. Unlike my face-to-face clients, I won’t be at the gym waiting for you. But, I do know how much you hate wasting money. A mentor once told me, “Winners invest heavily in themselves.” I believe this to be true.


“Week 2 is going great! I’m already seeing gains in the definition in my arms and I am looking forward to going into the gym every evening. I really appreciate the videos showing me proper form as that is usually my biggest uncertainty.”

– Tom L. during his second week of 6-Weeks to Summer.

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