Build a Home Gym for Under $250 (BONUS: links and video demos)

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Save time and money by building a versatile home gym with less than $250.

The best program is always the one you stick to. While I love the gym as much as anyone, I also train clients that use home gym equipment to supplement their off-day routines, squeeze in quick circuits on the weekends, and save travel time to the gym. 

I don’t believe that it’s necessary to outfit your home with a complete setup, but I am confident that a little equipment can drastically change your exercise routines. No matter your skill level or goals.

I want to show you the equipment you need to build a home gym for less than $250. As a bonus for you, I also wrote a full 4-week Program utilizing ONLY this equipment, and I’m giving you videos on how to perform every exercise.

For $250 and my program you can be off and running (literally) with a great home gym setup and a full month of workouts that you know exactly how to perform.

This equipment is specifically selected to provide versatility to any individual and intensity level. The items I selected will help you build total body strength, challenge your conditioning, burn fat, and keep your muscle tissues healthy. 


Equipment List

WOSS ATTACK Trainer – $39.99

SKLZ Mini Bands – $17.99

j/fit 15lb Slam Ball – $30.15

Fitness Masters Jump Rope – $13.97

WOD Fitter Mobility Lacrosse Balls – $19.99

CAP Barbell 53lb Kettlebell – $98.29

Sivan Foam Yoga Mat – $19.99

3M Utility Duct Tape – $10.98

(FYI: All items are Amazon Prime eligible, which is awesome because they are heavy. Shipping would be a nightmare.)

If you would like to view a PDF of my Home Gym Equipment Kit, click here.


Video Demonstrations

The first video is an equipment overview.

Once you have your equipment, you will need to check out the program. View the PDF of the four-week home gym program.

You will see on the PDF that there are four days written on the sheet. Using a four-day program is one of your biggest benefits. This allows you to either train four times a week, three times a week, or twice a week, whichever you prefer. The more you train, the more you will want to focus on the trigger point work (view the video at the end).

To read the Perform24 training template, watch this video.

No matter your training frequency, just complete the next consecutive workout on the sheet. For example..

3-Day Training Schedule

Day 1 – Monday

Day 2 – Wednesday

Day 3 – Friday

Day 4 – Monday

Day 1 (Week 2 column) – Wednesday

2 Day Training Schedule

Day 1 – Tuesday

Day 2 – Thursday

Day 3 – Tuesday (Week 2)

Day 4 – Thursday (Week 2)


Here are videos running through each day of the program. The exercise demonstrations are short due to the volume of training we cover. 

Home Gym Program – Day 1

Home Gym Program – Day 2

Home Gym Program – Day 3

Home Gym Program – Day 4

Good luck on this day, it’s the hardest day. This Day will give you a taste of how this equipment can provide a heckuva workout.

The Kettlebell Swing video by Pavel Tsatsouline I mention in this video can be found here.

And finally, I wanted to include a short video on common trigger points. The lacrosse ball and the peanut are great tools for breaking up tight muscle tissue. Watch the video to view common problem areas. I would recommend you hit these trigger points every other day at first, but as the tissues become less tender you can increase the frequency to about 10 minutes every day.

The program that I wrote for you is only the start. All of this equipment has versatility, so be creative and build your own variations.

Note: Remember body weight exercises. Many great core exercises can be performed on the floor with no weight. 

Go get after it!

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