Introducing Perform24 “i2” Training Structure

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During the last few months, Perform24 has gone through more changes than any period other than the initial creation stage in summer 2014. 

One of these changes includes a brand new training model. This model will allow us to bring our training methods to a larger client base, expand our geographic reach, and deliver a higher quality service.

But first… a little Perform24 history…


The Perform24 icon is designed to look like an audio equalizer. Each bar represents a priority of your life.

  • Physical
  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Psychological 
  • Purpose

Just as a DJ will adjust sounds to create rhythm and harmony, you are constantly adjusting your life priorities. For example, when you are training with us at the gym, your physical life is “turned up.” When you leave, your physical priority is “turned down,” and your personal (family), professional, or psychological (creative or leisure) priorities are “turned up.” 

You have 24 hours in a day to balance your priorities in a way that drives your overall purpose and trajectory. 

We have had tremendous success preaching this message to our pro athletes, adult clients, and student athletes. And now, for the first time, we’ve built a business model that clearly reflects our mission.

The Perform24 i2 Training Structure

i2 stands for Integrated Individualization. 

I know this sounds complicated – hence the “i2” abbreviation. Let me explain further.

We train a large demographic with a variety of goals, challenges, and needs. From Day 1 we wanted to provide the exact quality of programming and coaching to every single one of our clients.

Additionally, we want to preach our message, stressing the importance of all 5 priorities.

Our name and logo is our heartbeat. 

At the end of this summer, our system broke. As school resumed session and the annual season transitioned from summer schedules to fall, our schedule at the gym exploded. Not a good explosion. Not for us, and not for our clients. 

School schedules were set, and our clients were forced to fit their training into afternoons packed with other practices and appointments and activities. Regular summer training routines for both parents and student athletes were suddenly all over the place.

In that transition, we realized we were forcing our clients to go exactly against our own mission.

Perform24 is meant to fit into your life. It should push you forward, both in and outside the gym. It should not confine you to a limited window of training, and it certainly shouldn’t stress you out due to a rescheduled soccer practice or a late requirement at the office. Perform24 is intentionally designed to increase daily flow, not prevent it.



Our clients will now have the freedom to integrate our training into their day, regardless of unexpected chaos that may be thrown your way.

Clients can come in any time from 2:30-7:30pm, and Perform24 coaches will be ready for you.

It rained today and travel ball practice was rescheduled for Wednesday? No problem.

One of your customers was 20 minutes late and you’re now delayed at work? Easy.

A school project is taking longer than expected? No sweat. Put the time in, crush it, and get back in the gym tomorrow.

Our clients now have the ability to adjust. Life in 2016 moves at a blazing pace. Having a standing, never-wavering 4:00 Tuesday appointment is not always possible. Instead of forcing your hand, we are changing the way we deliver our product. 

There is also another benefit to our clients. 

We strongly believe in cross-pollinating our population groups. At Perform24 we make a point to introduce clients that may not train at similar times. This applies to pro athletes, local professionals, and high school athletes. I wrote about this at length here.

In summary, “Integrated” refers to two things.

  1. The inclusion of training in your daily routine, no matter the adjustments
  2. The mix of training populations in our gym.

Make sense?



Each Perform24 client will be on his or her unique training program. This program will be designed strictly from the findings in our initial evaluation.

This is something we’ve always done, which you can check out here. However, we’re taking this to another level. Not only will this program be written for you, but you have full control over when you use it.

This program will always be at the gym waiting for you. 

If your normal Thursday evening meeting was cancelled and you want to come into the gym early, come on in. Our coaches will be here, and as soon as you walk in we will have your program.

You may catch us at a slow time and you’ll be the only one in the gym. Or, you may catch us working with other clients. Either way, we have the capacity to get you on task, following your specific program, turning that physical priority “on,” and making progress. 

No hesitation and no misdirection. And never any replication or wasted time.

Perform24 was very diligent in the creation of our mission and the role in your life. Now, we are redesigning the way a training facility operates. Perform24 i2 is built for your progress.

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