The Key to Achieving your New Year’s Resolution

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If you are a New Year’s Resolution (NYR) type of person, this is for you.

As I’m sure you are aware, January 1 is right around the corner. While many of us like the idea of setting resolutions, few of us actually achieve and maintain them. Regardless of intentions, we as humans rarely make changes. We are truly creatures of habit and routine.


The Key

I am a huge believer that change does not come from a decision on WHAT to do. Rather, change occurs when we identify WHY we do it.

Ask yourself WHY?

Go one level deeper in your desired resolution.

For example:

Typical NYR: “I want to lose ten pounds.”

This is a great NYR. Now, WHY do you want to lose ten pounds? This NYR should look more like..

“I want to lose some fat and shape up before the big company party in February. I have always felt great when I wear (insert outfit), and I want my peers to recognize that I am proud of myself and I work hard in all areas of my life.”

Typical NYR: “I need to save (insert amount) of money each month.”

Awesome NYR! But, WHY? This Resolution could easily become..

“An old friend is getting married in California this summer. I want to save (insert amount) so that I can fully enjoy the event. I would like to feel freedom when I treat my old friends to a round of drinks or a meal.”


I could give more examples, but you get the idea. Take a look in the mirror, and identify WHY your New Year’s Resolution is what it is.

As you’ll begin to see, identifying WHY provides accountability. It’s easy to skip the gym on Monday morning, but it’s harder knowing that your company party in February is on the calendar.


Take Home Message

I challenge you to create a 2015 New Year’s Resolution. Furthermore, I challenge you to ask yourself WHY you chose that resolution. Go one level deeper, identify the true purpose, and make it happen! Here’s to a BIG 2015!!


Bonus Material !

This is a link to Simon Sinek’s famous TED Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” If you are not one of the 20 MILLION people that have viewed this presentation, I highly recommend it! Please enjoy!



There are few online articles I have printed and saved. This is one of them. Nate Miyaki provides an in-your-face pep talk concerning the power of knowing WHY you do what you do. I love this article.

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