Our DNA.

Since Day 1, Perform24 has been intentionally designed to bridge the gap between your physical routines and the overall direction of your life.

Our logo is a visual representation of this mission.

Our logo is broken down into two parts.

  1. The Icon

  2. The Name

The Icon is designed to look like an audio equalizer. Think about the “sliders,” that a DJ is adjusting during his shows. In our icon, each slider represents a priority of your life. The Five Priorities are Physical, Personal, Professional, Psychological, and Purpose.

The Name Perform24 represents the 24 hours that every single one of us have in a day. Ideally, we want your Five Priorities set to levels that promote flow and allow you to perform your best all day in all areas of life.

Each and every one of us will have these sliders “turned up,” or “turned down,” to our own unique levels. Stage of life, season of life, micro circumstances and macro goals will all influence our current levels of sliders.

At Perform24, we will take care of your Physical Priority. We will train hard and get your body clicking on all cylinders. We understand that life is full of uncontrollable events and elements, however, you do have control over your physical habits and routines. From our name and logo Perform24 is fundamentally designed to use performance training as a gateway to reach stability, success, and true fulfillment in all areas of your life.



Your Physical Priority includes all the factors that contribute to your health. Strength, mobility, conditioning, and what you eat are all in this Priority.


Your Personal Priority includes your relationships and how you spend personal time. Friends, family and hobbies combine into your Personal Priority.


Your current job (or school) and all the factors that influence your overall career arc are the factors that combine to make your Professional Priority.


Taking care of your mind is easily overlooked. How you are resting, creating, learning and pursuing curiosities contribute to your Psychological Priority .


The final and most important Priority is your Purpose. Your Purpose is the culmination of all the previous four priorities. To go back to our DJ analogy, if a DJ has all his “sliders,” balanced, the resulting sound will be clear and enjoyable. The same is for our Priorities. Our Physical, Personal, Professional, and Psychological lives should all be balanced to drive our overall Purpose forward. If we are off track, it is helpful to use this visualization to identify which “slider,” may be too high or too low. This is the Perform24 mission!

Perform24 is designed to challenge you for one hour so you can spend the other 23 maximizing your God-given talents in your profession, in your household, and on yourself.


Our Training