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Grace O. 2017 FB review.

Perform24 has helped me perform at my peak throughout my high school lacrosse season and is now helping me prepare to compete at the college level. The environment at the gym is so positive and I have fun every time I go!

Kaylie H. 2019 Google review.

Levi is awesome! He’s training my son, a high school baseball player. He keeps me updated on my son’s progress. Very professional and good communication. I would highly recommend Perform24!

Jennifer B. 2019 FB review.

During the last few months I have loved training at Perform24. Levi is easy to work with, professional and has a really positive attitude/energy all the time. He's very knowledgable and helped me get off to a good start with my fitness.


Brian B. 2016 FB review.

Perform24 is a first class facility with a first class trainer. Levi takes his profession seriously, he also takes his clients goals seriously. His rates are competitive and well worth the investment. He works with everyone from beginners to professional athletes. I love the facility and it's conveniently located in South Tampa.

Andrew P. 2016 FB review.

Gains and losses in all the right places. That’s the best way to sum up Perform24’s training and leadership.

Holly V. 2019 Google review.

In the several months since I started working with Levi, I could not be more impressed to his approach towards training. I am seeing progress in my training unparalleled to any other program I have followed and I could not be more happy with all that Levi and Perform24 have to offer. If you're in the area and want to take your training to the next level, whether you're an athlete or just interested in getting stronger, you NEED to check out this gym.


Jake Cave

OF, Minnesota Twins

“I was first introduced to Levi during the 2014 off-season. I had always been curious about performance training, and with my first invite to spring Big League Camp I figured it was time to take a serious approach to the off-season. I needed to find a professional to help me with my off-season strength and speed.

   It was one of the best decisions I could have made. I went into 2015 spring training bigger, stronger and faster; the organization was very pleased. In the grueling 142 game season, the guys that can stay on the field free of injury have the best chance to succeed. I started 132 games in two different levels, had nearly 600 plate appearances, and did not miss a single game due to injury. I’ve trained with Perform24 every offseason since, and I credit my career health to my off-season preparation with Levi and Perform24.”


Kyle Haynes

P, Tampa Tarpons (NYY)

“After training on my own for the past three off seasons I decided to try a new route and train with a professional this year. Soon after getting started with Perform24 I knew I made the right decision. Levi helped me exceed my physical goals and prepared me for the long season. I really enjoyed the environment at Perform24. I liked working out with other motivated people that pushed me to get better.”

Miracle v Palm Beach 05-09-17 - DD5_2094_86045-M.jpg

Bradley Strong

2B, Fort Myers Miracle

“This was my first off-season as a professional baseball player, and I knew that I needed to get structured training if I was going to be prepared for the grind of my first full season. After my first day, I could tell that Levi truly cares about his clients and building relationships that last. I feel like I improved my game in all areas, and I learned several different ways to take care of my body which to me is the most important part about off-season training.

The best part about Perform24 is the culture Levi has created. I wasn’t sure how I would be received by the other guys at the gym, but everyone that I met during my time at Perform24 was willing to help me reach my goals of playing in the MLB. I don’t think I will find that anywhere else quite like Perform24, and I would recommend Levi to anyone aspiring to reach their full potential as an athlete.”

Chris H.

 “Within minutes of meeting Levi, his passion for performance training became extremely apparent. His unparalleled personal, psychological, scientific and physical approach to training is second to none. For more than 20 years, I worked with countless coaches/trainers, taken classes, attended boot camps and played team sports. Never have I experienced the one-on-one precision training that Levi delivers. His training methods have changed my overall physical appearance, increased my strength, improved my flexibility and most importantly given me confidence in all aspects of life.

   The few hours we train each week is the rare opportunity I get to fall off the grid, and solely dedicate my attention to personal growth. I couldn’t imagine where I would be without Levi’s guidance. I encourage everyone I meet to make a health investment in themselves by hiring Levi for all their personal training needs.” 

Daryll F.

 “Before working out with Levi with Perform 24, my training schedule was minimal. I was terrified of looking clueless at the neighborhood gym; therefore, my exercise routine consisted of getting on the elliptical for forty five to sixty minutes or going to a spin class. I felt like I had accomplished an intense work out solely because of the number of calories I burned. I didn’t realize that I was not pushing myself or using my own strengths to my fullest potential.

Once I began working out with Levi I realized I had not been working my body the way I needed to in order to increase my strength – and ultimately improve my overall self image. After training with Levi, I have learned that the purpose of working out is not only to achieve a goal weight or to ‘look good.’ I have learned that exercising helps balance my overall life. Levi’s program through Perform24 truly looks at your overall lifestyle and how to maximize your physical and mental abilities. Levi has helped motivate me and encourage me to push myself to maximize my workouts. I already feel more confident and have noticed a positive difference in both my physical and emotional self. I would recommend Levi with Perform24 to anyone that wants to work with someone that is passionate about helping others, and is knowledgeable about how to help you reach your fitness goals.”

Clarence B.

 “I was 416 lbs in May of 2010. Shortly thereafter I had Gastric Bypass and a hip replacement. I hadn’t worked out in a gym for over 20 years, but I chose to start training with Levi in early August 2014. The hardest challenge in my decision to begin working out was to find someone who could understand my physical condition, as well as my fear of training in a way that may hurt my artificial hip. My goals were to get healthy, get stronger, and put my body in a position that would allow me to return to participation in sports like basketball and tennis.

  Currently, I am between 285lbs and 290lbs. I have more energy, and I don’t feel the aches and pains I did just 6 months ago. Levi has really helped with my flexibility and I am getting stronger on a weekly basis. I feel better in life and I believe my self-esteem is rising.  It’s not even that I previously struggled with low self-esteem, but I now feel more confident in social settings. 

   I will recommend to anyone who will listen to me to set up a personal program with Levi… It’s life changing.  Levi is well educated, listens to every concern that I’ve had, and has built a plan to help me reach my goals.”  


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