Why Perform24?

Hi, I’m Levi Jaeckel. I started Perform24 to teach our clients one message - success in your life largely depends on how your body feels and functions.

Before starting Perform24 I trained at world class performance facilities and at small personal training studios. Over a three year stretch there were months when I exclusively trained professional athletes with high pressure deadlines and complicated injuries, and there were times that I ran group sessions for stay-at-home moms seeking completely different results.

As my exposure to different individuals expanded, I started to make note of surprising similarities they all shared.

I became obsessed trying to build a training methodology that would connect these people to a common mission.

Perform24 has become the connection.

Currently, my clientele intentionally includes a wide variety of people. To give you an example, I work with:

  • Professional athletes

  • Corporate employees in multiple industries

  • High school athletes

After studying ALL my clients, I can say with 100% confidence that no matter your profession or stage of life your body either enables or prevents you from excelling in life outside the gym.

The fitness industry is crowded and overwhelming. Trainers everywhere are bursting onto the scene with new “secrets,” new certifications or new devices. Gyms are full of people with contradicting advice.

I’m here to show you something different.

  • I believe in simple yet demanding training principals.

  • I have no interest in micromanaging your entire lifestyle.

  • I believe long term physical health drives long term performance in responsibilities outside the gym.

Perform24 is designed to challenge you for one hour so you can spend the other 23 maximizing your God-given talents in your profession, in your household, and on yourself.

I am thrilled you looked us up. Welcome to the family.


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